Retailers (B2B) Overview

No credit card ? No problem

PGI makes it easy to pay for bills or other travel purchases that would normally require a credit card or trade limit account information. With PGI, you can pay multiple merchants for things like utility bills, electronic tickets and online purchases - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PGI is an easy way to increase foot traffic in your store. By catering various online service from different merchants and payment settlement with one account. You can grow your revenue from commissions on PGI transactions as well as incremental purchases.

Pay your way with a PGI E-wallet and card. You can make payments and purchases without worrying about your security and privacy. We give you the freedom to spend your money wherever you want, online or in person. A PGI account is a secure payment account you can use to pay and get paid on many sites that accepts PGI. It’s like having one account for all your online businesses.

Our E wallet is absolutely free to open Join for Free